First North Dakota Quarterly Drug Price Transparency Reports Due in October

September 13, 2021By Serra J. Schlanger

Earlier this year, North Dakota enacted a prescription drug price transparency reporting law, HB 1032, that became effective on August 1, 2021. (See our summary here.) This new law requires prescription drug manufacturers to report the current wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) information for drugs sold in or into the state on a quarterly basis. The new law also requires manufacturers to submit WAC price increase reports and new drug WAC reports. Prescription drug manufacturers’ first quarterly WAC reports are due by October 15, 2021.

In advance of the upcoming deadline, North Dakota issued a Manufacturer’s Disclosure User Guide that provides step by step instructions for manufacturers to submit their quarterly reports. Manufacturers will need to complete the WAC Template and send it to the state via email. The User Guide also includes directions for manufacturers who wish to submit their reports via secure file transfer.

The Disclosure User Guide also includes instructions for manufacturers who need to submit WAC price increase reports (template available here) and new drug WAC reports (template available here). WAC price increase reports are due within 30 days after an increase if the drug’s WAC is greater than $70 and the WAC increased 40% or more over the lowest WAC of the preceding five calendar years, or 10% or more over the lowest WAC in the preceding twelve consecutive months. New drug WAC reports are due within three calendar days after introducing a new prescription drug with a WAC that exceeds the threshold set for a specialty drug under the Medicare Part D program (currently $670 for a 30-day supply) to the market in North Dakota.

The quarterly WAC reports submitted in October will be made available on the North Dakota Insurance Department’s Prescription Drug Cost Transparency website.

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