ACI’s 14th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes (Virtual Conference)

September 2, 2020

The American Conference Institute (“ACI”) is sponsoring its 14th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Conference on October 6 – 7, 2020 (Eastern Daylight Time).  Like a lot of conferences this year, the ACI conference format has changed from a live, in-person event to an interactive, virtual conference.

ACI’s Paragraph IV Disputes Conference provides invaluable professional development opportunities, meaningful networking, and vital “take-aways” for legal strategies and cost analysis for every aspect of this complex form of litigation

A “Who’s Who of the Food Law Bar” will give you critical insights in sessions like:

  • “And Now a Word from the District of Delaware: A Conversation with Chief Judge Stark and Chief Magistrate Judge Thynge”
  • “Paragraph IV State of the Union: Developing a New Game Plan for the New Normal: Assessing Legal, Regulatory, and Jurisprudential Developments in the Era of COVID-19”
  • “Examining How New and Narrow Interpretations of the Scope of Patent Term Extension Will Affect Patent Rights and Generic Entry”
  • “FTC KEYNOTE: Antitrust Developments Impacting Brands and Generics”

Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.’s Kurt R. Karst will be speaking at a session titled “FDA Think Tank on the Latest Regulatory Developments Impacting Hatch-Waxman.”

FDA Law Blog is a conference media partner. As such, we can offer our readers a special 10% discount. The discount code is: D10-896-896CX13. You can access the conference brochure and sign up for the event here. We look forward to “seeing you at the conference.”