Join Us in April to Learn More about Improving Regulatory Compliance While Minimizing Products Liability!

February 5, 2018By Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.

The fact is, regulatory compliance has an impact on products liability.  Yet, the two are seldom considered together.

We aim to change that with a special day and a half program (April 12th and 13th).  Our FDA regulatory firm has teamed up with a renowned medical device liability insurer, MEDMARC Insurance, for a joint program.  It will be held at Virginia Tech’s state-of-the-art conference facility in Arlington, Virginia.

Based upon years of claims experience, MEDMARC has identified the specific FDA regulatory areas that pose the most products liability danger.  We will teach you about improving regulatory compliance in those areas.  MEDMARC will help you understand how to reduce products liability risks.  The combination of these two topics creates a synergy that adds up to powerful risk management.

So give yourself a competitive advantage!  Learn the ounce of prevention that will save you many tens of thousands of dollars every time your FDA inspection goes right or a costly products liability lawsuit is prevented.

All the key program details are in the conference brochure.  You can register here for the conference.

We can’t wait to see you this April to share what we know about mitigating the “other risks” associated with government regulation.


Changes to the format and dates for the MEDMARC, HPM, VaTech program originally scheduled for this April. 
We will continue to partner with MEDMARC and VaTech to cover topics from the existing April agenda but do so in a series of Webex events that will take place beginning later on this year.  This format change will allow us to reach a larger audience more effectively.