Introducing FDA Law Blog 2.0!

November 20, 2017By Kurt R. Karst

If you happened to log on to the FDA Law Blog or the Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C. (“HPM”) websites over this past weekend, then you probably noticed some big changes. We’ve totally overhauled and upgraded the blog and the HPM websites to bring them into modern times and to better reflect our FDA expertise and the creative personality of HPM.  In fact, our new firm tagline is “Expertise in all things FDA.”

As for the FDA Law Blog, after celebrating 10 years of blogging earlier this year (see our previous post here), and during which 10 years we didn’t really invest much time and resources into making things “pretty,” we thought it was time to change things up.  After all, as our new blog tagline states, the FDA Law Blog is “where experts go to learn about the FDA.”  (And, as some folks from FDA have told us over the years, the FDA Law Blog is where FDAers go to learn about FDA.)  So we changed blogging platforms to better integrate the blog with the HPM website.  (Don’t worry!  All of our blogging history – about 3,250 posts – and popular trackers, such as the FDA Citizen Petition and 180-Day Exclusivity Trackers, are available on the new FDA Law Blog website.)  Now we have a cool new look, as well as a new FDA Law Blog logo that’s pretty neat-o!

We hope folks like the changes we’ve made to the FDA Law Blog. There will be other modifications and additions down the road.  As for the new HPM website, we urge you to check it out.  In addition to being a professional and informative website, it has a fun, tongue-in-cheek element to it that really says a lot about the unique personality of HPM and the depth of our expertise.  Enjoy.

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