Game On! The HP&M Crossword Puzzle

March 26, 2014

Earlier this week we gave a “Coming Soon” announcement about a forthcoming posting of an FDA-related crossword puzzle written by Jeffrey N. Gibbs and Etan J. Yeshua as part of a celebration of Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.’s 34th anniversary earlier this month.  Well, it’s here – game on folks!

Below is the crossword puzzle, followed by the clues to completing it.  You can also download a PDF copy of the puzzle here (see the Note below).  We’re posting this at Noon (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, March 26th.  Contestants have 48 hours to complete the crossword puzzle – until Noon (Eastern Time) on Friday, March 28th – and submit their results to us.  Completed puzzles can be emailed to Mr. Gibbs at  Good luck!  And have fun!

We’ll update this post later on Friday with the crossword puzzle answers.  Everyone who submits a correct set of answers will be congratulated with a coveted HP&M Crossword Puzzle certificate.  The first one to submit a correct set of answers will receive a special HP&M Crossword Puzzle certificate commemorating the accomplishment.


1. Cartoon explorer
5. Beat handily
9. Tally at the end of an Advisory Committee
14. _____ Pharmaceuticals (recently acquired Dublin-based company)
15. Year: Lat. (NOTE: Mea culpa. This clue was changed from "Years: Lat." to "Year: Lat.")
16. What a 19-Across does with photons
17. Sought-after agency designation
19. A Part 1040 product
20. Sought-after agency designation
21. Animal regulated as a medical device
23. More festive, as apparel
24. Invokes section 302
28. Some preclinical subjects
30. ___ Mack (long-serving manager)
31. Sec. 502(g) compendium
34. Boy band started in 1995
37. Popular OTC IVDs
38. Confirmed Agency official?
42. Attorney William who signed the Articles of Confederation in 1778
43. Like some dealings or figures
44. Also
45. Demand
48. Hoppers down under
50. Atlanta and Boston District Offices, e.g.
53. _____ Harbor
57. First line of a letter from President McKinley, maybe
58. Former Director of DDMAC and FDLI Chair ________ Baylor Henry
59. Offer before “Buckle up.”
62. Like an FDA-approved drug
64. Blender setting
65. Reviewer of an academic paper
66. With 63-Down, ever-increasing Agency cost
67. Hon. title of honor for some priests
68. Arbor Day honoree
69. Destinations of individuals under section 333?


1. Remove condensation, as on a windshield
2. Ugandan attorney and political leader Otunnu
3. Hoarse
4. National_____
5. Sew
6. Chemical consisting of A, C, G and U
7. “Let me go!”
8. Some Sec. 890.5370 devices
9. Sphygmomanometer feature, often
10. FDA regional office located on John Galt Blvd.
11. “___ healthy to be sick sometimes.” – Henry David Thoreau
12. Summer in Paris
13. Ukr., formerly
18.  Designer Tarantino
22. List ender
24. Syndrome on a bottle of aspirin
25. Comment, as to a proposal
26. FDA-approved angina treatment, for short
27. Directive to a top FDA official to depart?
29. Sponsor’s post-trial document: Abbr.
31. 1921 Fritz Lang film, “Vier ___ Frau”
32. Steam room
33. The Gray Sheet and FDA News, for example, with “the”
35. High degree
36. Organization ______
39. Containing more particulate matter
40. Hoopla
41. Like some people treated by 19 across
46. Scottish treats
47. FDA summary of physical/functional result, e.g., QOL
49. Parodied
51. Expert
52. Like a drug with fewer side effects
54. Plant listed in Part 182
55. In two
56. Gawks naughtily
58. Just
59. Largest FDA specialty firm
60. Sold in the UK and Aus., e.g.
61. Czech dest.
63. See 66-Across

Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank you to all of our contestants.  We received many entries – several with the puzzle solution.  The first person to submit a correct puzzle solution, and the recipient of the special HP&M Crossword Puzzle certificate, is: Steven Lawrie, MS, MA.  The puzzle solkution is below.



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