FDA Law Blog Turns the Ripe Old Age of 5!

March 5, 2012

There was a recent piece on National Public Radio debating whether the golden age of blogging is over.  One commentator suggested that moving forward, only the most successful blogs thus far (i.e., those blogs with a history of good content and that are able to capture the reader’s attention) will enjoy continued success.  We think that the FDA Law Blog, which turns 5 years old on March 6th, is among that group of blogs.  Certainly our numbers, which continue to grow each month, supports this.  About 7,000 of you now receive our posts each day.  We also have a growing following on Twitter (@fdalawblog) where we tweet throughout the day.  Just last month, we topped 1,500 blog posts (assuming 260 working days in a year, that’s more than one post a day!), and the awards and accolades continue to roll in.

As we enter old age (in blog years), we don’t plan on slowing down.  In fact, we’ve heard from several seniors (real ones) that they are busier in old age than ever.  Old age has its benefits too – and we’re not just talking about all of the e-mail offers we get telling us where to find Rolex watches and Jimmy Choo shoes at bargain basement prices!  Recently the United States Library of Congress contacted us and told us that because the FDA Law Blog is now one of the Nation’s cultural artifacts, our blog was selected for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to Legal Blawgs.  We think that’s pretty cool!

Of course, none of our success would have been possible without our loyal readers and fan base!  We appreciate your support and thoughtful comments over the past 5 years (and look forward to more in the coming years).  We also thank our Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C. colleagues for their time and dedication to writing interesting and informative posts.

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