FDA Law Blog Honored by LexisNexis

December 1, 2011

LNBadgeFDA Law Blog is pleased to announce that we’ve been selected as one of the LexisNexis Top 25 Torts Law Blogs of 2011!  Here’s what the folks at LexisNexis had to say:

The Top 25 group includes some of the best talent in the blogosphere and creates an invaluable content aggregate for all segments of the Torts Law practice.  Most good blogs provide frequent posts on timely topics, but the authors in this year’s collective take their blogs to a different level by providing insightful commentary that demonstrates how blogs can—and do—impact and influence the world of business and corporate law.

We’re blushing.

Obviously, our focus is on FDA law, not tort law; however, some of the topics we touch on – such as preemption – do bleed over into the tort world.  We’re honored to be among such a stellar group of honorees – you can see the full list here.  

And while we have your attention, we’ll take this opportunity to remind you that you can follow us on Twitter.  We tweet thoughout the day on new FDA decisions, petitions, legislation . . . . the whole gamut. 

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