FDA Redesigns Website to Improve the “Look and Feel” of All FDA Websites; FDA Law Blog URL Changes

June 3, 2009

FDA recently launch a redesigned website that is aimed at improving the “look and feel” of all FDA websites.  According to the Agency:

The new site organization is intended to allow you to find information more quickly:

  • Information is categorized by topic for easier retrieval, with related subjects consolidated in sections on the site.
  • Page design and navigation have been updated and are consistent throughout the site.
  • Content has been reviewed for relevance, with redundant and outdated content removed.

As a result of the new design, current web page addresses (i.e., URLs) no longer work, including those URLs that FDA Law Blog has linked to in many posts.  We are working to update URLs from previous posts; however, if you encounter a broken link, please report it to us so that we may make any corrections.  Thank you!

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