FDA Firms Up Implementation Date for the Reportable Food Registry

June 29, 2009

By Ricardo Carvajal

FDA has announced public workshops on the Reportable Food Registry intended to “explain the purpose of the Registry, how it will work, and the responsibilities of persons required to submit a report regarding instances of reportable food to FDA through the Reportable Food electronic portal.”  The public workshops will also address the role of public health officials in submitting instances of reportable food to the Registry.  Previously, FDA issued and requested comment on a draft guidance titled “Guidance for Industry: Questions and Answers Regarding the Reportable Food Registry as Established by the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007” (see our prior posting here).  At that time, the agency indicated that the Registry would be implemented on September 8, 2009.  This latest announcement of the public workshops suggests that further delays in implementation of the Registry are unlikely, and that FDA intends to meet the September 8 implementation date.  Have you incorporated the Registry requirements into your recall SOP’s and training program?

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